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Lab and Field is the new name for Lab SA. Through our continued growth and evolution in South Australia and beyond, we provide our customers with a complete solution for all of their lab and field requirements including geotechnical, concrete and cores, quarried materials, proppants, research and development and drilling.

We are an independent NATA accredited material testing facility providing aggregate, concrete and geotechnical testing services to the civil, construction and resources sectors.

We provide Level 1 Site Supervision on projects and have recently expanded our services to include drilling for soil sampling and logging, percolation tests, environmental soil sampling and ground water wells.

With 18 years’ experience, we provide exceptional customer service and have a proven track record of delivering high quality services. Our approach is to work closely clients and contracting teams to actively facilitate the efficient and successful completion of projects.

Fully NATA accredited

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Providing experienced field an laboratory soil testing services for large and small projects. Specialising in residential and commercial subdivisions, roads, services, infrastructure projects and level 1 supervision.

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Expertise in field and laboratory testing including core analysis, compressive and fixture strength, chloride and sulphate content , shrinkage determination and laboratory trial mix design assessments.

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Specialising in on-site sampling, aggregate assessments, production quality control and compliance testing of quarried and recycled materials inc. concrete and asphalt aggregates, rail ballast and road construction materials.

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Dedicated proppant testing service, providing hig quality testing of natural sand, resin coated and ceramic proppants, to ISO13503-2 standards, for the Australian and International oil and gas industry suppliers and producers; including on-site product sampling, sample preparation and crush resistance value assessment.

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With both our experience and knowledge in assessment of construction materials and in conjunction with leading construction material industry consultants we can assist in construction material testing based research amd new product development such as use of recycled materials for fill material, admixture evaluation in concrete, additives for road base materials.

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Featured projects

Gawler East Link Road

The $59.97 million, Gawler East Link Road provides local traffic with direct access to Main North Road from Carlton Rd without travelling through the Gawler Town Centre.

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Northridge Enfield

Enfield High Rd 2019. The redevelopment of the Enfield High School site comprises approximately 81,000 sqm of land with 5 stages and residential 170 allotments.

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