Northridge Enfield

The redevelopment of the Enfield High School site comprises approximately 81,000 square metres of land with 5 stages and 170 residential allotments.

Northridge Land Estate, the redeveloped Enfield High School site, is a boutique development by Fairland in conjunction with Fairmont Homes. It provides a diverse range of living options for all lifestyles and budgets and is located only 9km from the Adelaide CBD.

The site comprises:

  • Prime land parcel of approximately 81,000 square metres
  • 3 street frontages
  • Significant redevelopment with 5 stages and 170 residential allotments

Construction of Stage 1 and 2 at Northridge commenced in late 2017, requiring the removal of up to 4 metres of unsuitable site materials and subsequent replacement with clean fill. Lab and Field have provided all drilling, logging and testing services for the project including the Level 1 Site Supervision and test plans for the entire site.

Our relationship with Fairland, Fairmont Homes and their earthworks contractor, Tripodi Group have enabled Lab and Field to work effectively and efficiently on the project. This keeps costs down for the customer and allows us to provide additional resources during the busiest times.

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