Onkaparinga Views

A land development comprising 120 residential allotments with 15 metres of deep earthworks fill, roadworks and drainage.

Located at Hackham, in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide, Onkaparinga Views offers an idyllic lifestyle with all the modern amenities. It is conveniently placed between the hills and the sea, yet still within 40 minutes of the CBD.

Onkaparinga Views incorporates 125 allotments with deep earthworks and fill, provision of public roads and reserves.

Lab and Field provided all testing and Level 1 Supervision for the project which included all bulk earthworks and up to 8 metres of deep earthworks fill.

Lab and Field have also continued to work on site for subcontractors throughout the construction of roads, sewers and service trenches.

Through this project we have developed a detailed understanding of the site, conditions and potential issues. We have worked closely with the project team to meet all testing requirements and deadlines.

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