Soil samples (continuous cores) are retrieved by experienced drillers using a hydraulically powered push tube. Samples in excess of 6m in depth can be taken. Augering will be undertaken if push tube penetration meets high resistance. Furthermore, access to most sites is not normally a problem as we have the flexibility of using hand-held equipment when required.

Extensive information is provided on main site features as well as photographs.

Soil is logged in accordance with the Unified Soil Classification (U.S.C) system. The soil profiles engineering properties are generally assessed using the visual-tactile method, with samples from one in 50 sites (as recommended by AS 2870-2011) being subjected to shrink-swell testing. All soil assessment is undertaken by suitably experienced people.

Drill cores.
Pavement investigation for the council.
Drilling on a sloping block.


Lab and Field provides environmental investigations and support by retrieving;

– soil samples
– undertaking chain of custody and packaging processes
– construction of ground water wells

All sampling is undertaken in accordance with NEPM-1999 guidelines.

We have the flexibility to sample within tight-confined areas as well as obtaining samples or constructing ground water wells to 16m in depth.

Percolation Tests

Lab and Field can test the soil permeability and its suitability for subsurface efficient disposal.

Tests are via the Falling Head method and in accordance with South Australian Health Commission Guidelines.

Results are generally available within 24 hours of completion of the test.

Drill rigs on a housing estate sub-division.
Drilling to determine soil for a new build.
Truck loaded with Kanka drill rig and hand held drilling equipment for those hard to get to jobs
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